The Latest Work

Black and white ball on the water Black and white ball on the water  dark ball
Grey ball on the waterLatest Work

castle 5castle with lgt maps 1  castle 1d   gallery room 4k hero 2 Spooky-lab-window-hero-2-web-sizeflower  cam 2 c


The Idaho series

The Windchimes image began as a dream of wind chimes at the top of an out door stair way .

Masks in a room originated with the desire to model masks, then I need some where to put them.

My first piece of art created on a computer. I used a MAC IIci and a program called Color Studio.

Found this on a wall of a Ashram near Pasadena. It’s mapped to the flying emerging from the artwork. This is what it says: Hold aloft this light and stand firm to thy post, till all wandering souls have reached their goal in safety. Service brings strength and renewed life; Love cures all weariness, And Faith, the shining jewel of life preforms all miracles -Paramananda

I had a vision in 1972. This is what I saw. I felt the presence of the divine.It lasted a few seconds.

These were fun

I worked off of an original painting by Jules Engle and built a 3-D scene around it. The original painting is the billboard on the upper right side of the first building.

My 3-D originated Digital Art

These images are created in a 3-D application called 3-D Studio MAX. The elements are modeled not drawn but the textures are painted either using traditional techniques or created in a paint program like Photoshop, every aspect of the scene can be animated.After using lights and cameras the finished scene is rendered and printed onto high quality water color paper.